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The durable rubber strap caters to diving needs.The retail price is 1,700 Swiss francs, which is equivalent to about 11,000 RMB.海鸥手表保修Guests can make an appointment to the store, communicate with the customer service staff, choose their forite tourbillon design, dial material and color, as well as the material of the case, whether it is set with diamonds, the material of the strap, and the color, etc., and then wait for the first half of the year. You can get your own unique watch.IWC shows that the 8-year warranty provided by IWC is currently the longest in the industry, and it is a unified warranty service for all products.





I think: Louis XIII can only be on a set of high-quality leather sofas, using the cleanest and perfect speakers to play your forite music, and then taste the fragrance first, from the floral fragrance in the front part of the distance to the fruity fragrance in the middle part. Then there is a series of rich and multi-layered fragrances. Using the special wine tasting cup for Louis XIII, you will see the eyes of the tiger from the cup like a diamond slice, and take a sip, from nuts, cinnamon, rosette, figs, cardamom, and sandalwood. Wood and the honey fragrance they said, among the various taste buds, you suspect that your taste buds are not enough to use, how can it be like passing through a seat of clouds, when passing through the cabin in the air, there is another behind one. In a blink of an eye, I got into another with different shapes, like cotton candy but also like an impressionist cloud on the top of the mountain. The world that I can't finish at a glance is actually such a mouthful of Louis XIII.The box is also very characteristic. The Club series leather box is made of nomos classic cordovan craft cowhide. It is soft and comfortable. It is usually a good choice to put on a watch or as a stationery bag, exuding bursts of leather scent.兴安盟海鸥手表保修For example, Honda's K20A engine has a displacement of only 2.0L, but the maximum horsepower can reach 220Ps, and the maximum speed can reach 8600 rpm. The acceleration performance is very superior.

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